Welcome to Music

St. Mary's offers Music classes to our Elementary and Jr. High students.

Grades 1-5: Welcome to Mrs. Marsella's Music class

Mrs. Marsella's class has a strong focus on singing and performing, which includes music memorization. Students get a hands-on opportunity to explore different musical instruments. Students will be exposed to many types of music through listening and journaling activities.

Keep it Up at home: Listen to one piece of music together, any song from pop to classical will do. Discuss the message of the song or how it made you feel, also, what is the title of the song and how does it fit the song?
Contact her any time: jmarsella@stmarystars.com


Grades 6-8: Welcome to Mr. Fugitt's Music class

Junior high music class is divided into three main components; Music Theory, History and Song. Throughout the year, the class will be exploring each of these aspects of music.

In our music theory lessons we will learn how music works. This will first entail reading and writing music. Throughout the year we will be studying the nature of rhythm and melody, as well as exploring how harmony, form and texture serve to influence the mood of a musical piece.

History and Appreciation
Each quarter we will focus on a different composer. During the quarter we will learn about the composers life and important works, and learn how that composer influenced the history of music. As we listen to their compositions, we will gradually train our ears to discern the subtle differences between the various musical periods

The singing component of our music class will focus on music for the Mass as well as the folk music from a variety of cultures. We will practice singing as a class, in small groups, and individually, to help us gain confidence with our singing ability. Rhythmic and melodic exercises will help train both our voices and our ears.


Can you name this composer?

Can you name this tune?